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To be known is to be loved.

Q. Do you have any formal training for cooking?

Nope! I learn through trial and error and lots of practice. Anyone can do this!

Q. How do I get started with Beautycounter?

Email me and we can set up a phone call! I do this often and would love to learn more about you, meet you where you are at, and get you started if you so desire!

Q. Can you do a tutorial on this?

I do tutorials all the time and love doing them! I've got a heart for teaching. To see me walk through cooking demos, steps, etc you can always find that on @theheartfelttable via instagram. For makeup looks, giveaways, etc, you can find those on my Facebook Group :

The Heartfelt Table : Beauty & Wellness

(both are linked below this paragraph under "lets be friends")

Q. Can you give medical/supplement advice or help with my

health condition?

I share often about my struggle with anxiety and have received many questions from people about what/how much to take of certain supplement, protocols, has gotten to the point where I no longer feel comfortable answering this, as I'm not trained to! I can recommend some health coaches, nutritionists, and wellness experts who offer programs and services I stand behind :

Christa Orrecchio of The Whole Journey

Claudia Petrilli Health Coaching

Courtney Jackson : 21 day sugar detox

Sara McGlothlin

Q. Are you an affiliate or do you want to be one for my company?

As of right now, I only work for Beautycounter. I will often team up with brands to create recipes and exchange product for the recipes, but I deny payment or offers for sponsored posts. I DO always ask brands for a coupon code to share with you all so you get a discount and further encouragement to try wholesome products!

Q. Do you have a cookbook?

I get asked this on instagram and the answer is no I do not but YES YES YES I am working toward one. It is an absolute dream of mine and big motivator

for doing this blog!

Q. How do you stay organized/get things done?

I am the anti-planner, but I've learned to train myself to be one. Notice I say trained! I use all Emily Ley (Simplified) planner items + accessories as well as her Home Binder for meal planning and it has been a huge game changer for me!